Violent Insurgents Attack Federal Courthouse To Stop Oil Pipeline | Climate Change Dispatch

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Downtown Portland, Oregon, erupted in violence yet again Thursday night, drawing tear gas and smoke bombs from federal officers who were deployed to quell the unrest, according to a report.

Rioters set fires and smashed windows in the area of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse until being driven away by federal officers, reported.

The courthouse is often defended by the Federal Protective Service but it wasn’t immediately clear if FPS personnel were the officers involved in Thursday’s action. Portland city police and Oregon state police have also been deployed during past riots in the city.

The crowd later made a return to the area, managing to break some courthouse windows and set another fire, the report said.

Whether anyone was arrested or injured was not immediately clear.

Earlier in the day, a crowd had gathered to protest plans to replace and expand an oil pipeline that runs between Superior, Wisconsin, and the Canadian province of Alberta, journalist Suzette Smith reported on Twitter.

Thursday’s violence in Portland was expected, with some business owners boarding up their businesses earlier in the day, reported.

Oregon’s largest city has seen almost daily and nightly protests for much of the past year.

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