Cumbria Mining Debacle A Teaser Of The Net-Zero Crisis, GWPF Warns


The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) has warned Boris Johnson that the debacle surrounding the government’s mishandling of the Cumbrian mining project is just a foretaste of the crisis and public backlash his government will face as a result of its Net-Zero agenda.

After the government bowed to pressure by climate activists and the BBC the future of UK steel is now even more in doubt, with the UK increasingly dependent on coal and steel imports from Russia and China.

The Cumbria mining project, the government claims, ‘sends the wrong message’ ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow later this year.

While canceling might make for good virtue signaling by the international green elite, it threatens to destroy jobs for struggling British workers and will almost certainly increase CO2 emissions.

“The irony of caving to the green mob is that CO2 emissions are likely to rise as the production of coal and steel are increasingly offshored to countries with less environmental standards,” GWPF director Benny Peiser said.

While some Conservative MPs fear they will be punished by ‘Red Wall’ voters, the policy fiasco is just a taster of the public backlash the government and MPs can expect once voters feel the pain of the planned bans on petrol cars and gas boilers while millions of homes become unsellable due to Net Zero regulations.

“MPs would be well advised to realize that the clash between economic recovery, leveling up and the Net Zero agenda is inevitable and unavoidable. Unless policymakers begin to acknowledge the self-destructive and largely futile effects of Britain’s unilateral climate policies they are asking for serious economic and social trouble,” Peiser warned.

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